Who we are?

We are a creative agency. A mix of thinkers, writers, designers and coders.

When we tell you that we do Brand and Web Identity, we don't just mean creating logos, templates and prototypes. We design your vision and principles. We get it out of your head and put it on the table.

Since when? Since 2004

What we do?

We don't believe in making a design that just looks 'nice', we help you communicate. Experience of having designed over 300 logos and 50+ websites, just makes us qualified enough to take up this project.

At times we also add a few extra lines to make the design complete.


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Construction & Realtors

Svamitva Infra - Logo Design and Tagline

Svamitva Infra Pvt Ltd, a construction company approached us for Logo Design and Tagline. Svamitva is a term in Sanskrit mean 'Ownership'. This name had a greater connect with the industry the company belonged to i.e Construction. When a person visits a property, the first thing they look into is a floor map. More importantly, while buying a property 'Trust' is an important factor. Hence we brought both the floor map and trust element in to the logo, also included was the letter 'S' signifying Svamitva.

Wintegro Engineering - Logo Design

Wintegro Engineering Branding.. An engineering firm grounded to the basics, Wintegro approached us with a requirement for a LOGO that would convey the ethos of the founder and the principles of its foundation. He wanted a logo that would motivate his employees and speak volumes to his clients.

Very simply put, the logo essentially consists of 2 intersecting arrows - a downward arrow denoting the letter 'V' that stands for victory and success, and an upward arrow denoting growth and forward movement.

Mangifera - Logo Design

A start up Construction Company with a twist in tradition, Mangifera was named after the client's ancestral property of mango fields - mangifera is the scientific name of mango.

The logo comprises of three mangoes aesthetically placed to form the vignette of a bird ready for its first flight. The bird is a relevant figure here as they have introduced man to the earliest forms of expert architecture and construction known.

Education & Training

Shasun College - Brochure

Sri Shankarlal Sundarbai Shasun Jain College for women, a part of Aditya Edu Ventures, located in Chennai is aimed at providing quality education to young aspiring women of the society. We developed their academic brochures.

It was a daunting task to create something new and catchy for an education institution. It had to appeal to people and yet be respectful and dignified. However, in the end we were able to deliver a product that aligns with the websites of top educational institution all over the world.

New age School - Vehicle Branding, Brochure

NewAge Pre Schools provide an unmatched learning experience to meet the child's needs at the early stages of development. They believed in focusing on the quality education that they had to offer rather than stressing on the big structures and impressive infrastructure like other schools. They believed that education is more important than the big buildings.

Their motto is simple - to make the kids ready for the real world.

Our entire campaign was designed on the three emptions of values, integrity and ethics. Our models for the deliverable were the kids from their institution. We moved out of the contemporary and delivered beyond the ordinary.

Retail, Trading & FMCG

XLNC - Branding, Packaging & Website

XLNC, the name arising from the term excellency is an elite liquor brand comprising of a wide range of beverages right from sophisticated wines to hard lager beer. XLNC arose from the need for exotic products we see around the globe in India. Today, this brand sources and distributes even the most coveted products in the Indian market.

The logo originates from the concept of the Stingray. This ray fish related to the sharks is known to be forbidden for its venomous glands. It is this quality of it being prohibited that has intimated us to employ it in the conceptualising of the logo. After all, aren't some of the best things in life forbidden?

We have helped this brand right from their inception. We assisted in the origin of the name, the logo, the website and the packaging.

Cluckers - Branding, Packaging, Store Graphics & Website Design

Cluckers India is a fried chicken fast food restaurant which operates as a chain restaurant in Maharashtra. Right from branding to packaging to wall graphics and finally the website, we conceptualized and designed the entire creatives for Cluckers. We delivered designs which stood out and was beyond the ordinary.

Seiba - Label Design

Labeling design for Seiba's products which includes Fabric wash, Dish wash and Total Surface Cleaner.

We work with all size and types of clients to create just the right design that has the power to sell, attract and retain customers. Whatever the task, we make sure that we create the design that reaches the right target.

Tanishq - Digital Emailer, Banners, Corporate Video and Store Manual

We doubt if this one really needs an introduction.

Tanishq is one of the most prominent jewellery brands of India. It pioneered the concept of branded jewellery and ornaments in India. It is a division of Titan Industries Limited, a company promoted by the Tata Group, one of India's largest conglomerates. We worked on an Employee Operations Manual, newsletters and a Corporate video which had to be done at a quick pace.

Haste is no waste for us instead the time constraints only pushed us to the peaks of perfection. Yet again we have reached optimum satisfaction of the client. Need we say more?

Red Bull - Print Collateral & Visual Merchandise

Print Collateral : This marketing strategy was initiated while Red bull wanted to give away free samples in market. They were looking for a creative to stick on to the cars parked in certain localities; the idea was to reward Red bull cans to those who co kiosk with these stickers.While briefing us on the requirements, the client gave us the challenging task of designing this creative, but without using Red Bull Logo while at the same time maintaining the feel of Red Bull for the brand recall.So to overcome this challenge we used a picture of the top part of the can which is unique to Red Bull and gave it a frost texture in the design to give a chilled look. The intention was to give the feel of a thirst quenching drink, seeing which anybody would feel like running towards the kiosk to grab their share. We used the blue and silver finish of the can for the brand recall.

Visual Merchandise : Redbull having one of the best aerobatic team in the world called 'Flying Bulls' participated in the Bangalore Aero Show in 2011. For them to get to attract more number of Aero Show visitors towards Red Bull Kiosk, they wanted something to catch the attention of the crowd. They contacted us for a retail visual merchandize solution.

We designed a scaled down version of flying bulls with minimum elements of fabrication without losing the brand identity for the best brand recall. The miniature Aeroplanes were fabricated in a large scale and were displayed in most of the big retail chains in the city.

Both the above campaigns created curiosity and caught the attention of the crowd far exceeding the client's expectations.

Life Style

Creative Chisel - Branding & Website

The logo is based on the primary concepts of 'focus' and 'reliability'. It employs the key elements, namely 'Crosshair' and 'Camera Shutter' to depict the true motives of the company - photography and videography. These notions help the audience to understand what the company stands for and what its true purpose is.

It is the cross between these two concepts here that symbolize photography which is the core element here. We also wanted to incorporate simplicity into the insignia and therefore chose a monotone option.

PUMA - Video

The Puma Urban Stampede is the brainchild of Runners for life, a firm committed to establishing corporate fitness. With over 350 corporate teams and 1500 participants, this yearly event proved to be way more gigantic than when conceived.

We conceptualised and filmed a video that emphasized the brand in all its glory and successfully captured the essence of the event. The short video encapsulated all the elements that defined the winning moments with the union of music that suited the high spirits of the participants.

Yellow Hammer - Branding

A few bankers came together and boom came a product that was innovative and new to most of the Indian market. They developed a fabric that was designed to absorb moisture and keep the body sweat free leading to more comfort and ease.

As the brand was named after a famous bird in Alabama, we conceptualised the insignia keeping in mind of this and also the target audience it caters to. The insignia has a lithe and swift structure to relate it to an athlete in motion. It also bears resemblance to a bird in flight.

Yellow has been used as a primary colour to further reinforce brand recall with respect to the name and logo.


Fleche - Branding

Fleche is the formal and golf wear brand from the makers of Yellow Hammer. Most of the designs use the moisture wicking fabric that has been used with the Yellow Hammer apparel.

Fleche is the formal and golf wear brand from the makers of Yellow Hammer. Most of the designs use the moisture wicking fabric that has been used with the Yellow Hammer apparel.

As this brand was targeting the elite and upper class crowd, we need an identity that would connect on those levels. Fleche in the literal sense is the French translation for the word arrow and is also the highest point in a citadel. Keeping these elements in mind, we conceptualised an insignia that uses the chevron design and the arrow outline to depict stability and the citadel for a sense of royalty.

The typography chosen works well in sync with the insignia and are simple and formal yet catchy to the eye.

Hospitality & Transport

Silent Creek - Branding & Website

Silent Creek is a boutique resort with well-equipped heritage rooms that are set beside a natural steam and surrounded by coffee and tea plantations in the heavenly district of Wayanad in Kerala.

It started with a logo and then a theme and then the graphic approach that all made sense when it came together. Our creative head went all the way to the resort to analyse it and breathe in what the resort has to offer. He learned that the place was blessed with plantations of bamboo and pepper which brought in an essence of spice into the air.

We found the aromatic peppers, the dusky bamboos and the blue evenings phenomenal and incorporated it into the logo and the website.

Citybus - Print Collaterals, In Store Design and more..

Citybus who started its operations in 2002 is one of the leading public transport operator in Kuwait today. This Client approached us with a list of requirements to start with - to design a Bus Pass and to name the card, to design their Travel shop and to conceptualize and design the creatives for various marketing campaigns.

From designing innovation to developing the perfect graphics that reached the right audience and created a brand recall, our design sense has always gone beyond expectations. Club that with our dedicated business presence, we got a client who kept coming back to us with more requirements.


Anahat - Logo Design

Anahat is a Multi Specialty Clinic based in Gurgaon. Anahata is the fourth chakra present in the human body, situated near the heart. The logo of Anahat portrays a healthy and happy soul, who is free of all worries. The body of the soul is in the form of lotus petals derived from the Anahata chakra. Lotus is a symbol of purity and 'spontaneous' generation and hence symbolise divine birth. Finally the insignia closely represents a stethoscope.

Akshara Eye Hospital - Brand Identity, Ad Design and Website Design

Akshara Eye Hospital aims to provide World class eye care facilities. The logo of Akshara was designed keeping in mind the field it belongs to, i.e. eye care.

We have represented a eye and the letter 'a' (standing for Akshara) in the logo.

Dharma Kidney Care- Brand Identity

Dharma Kidney Care, as the name suggests is Kidney care clinic based in Bangalore. The logo Dharma represents a Butterfly signifying Faith. We can relate butterfly's stages of life to our own life-phases... growing pains, times of ravenous hunger, times of vulnerability, moments of miraculous expansion. The process of metamorphosis in a butterfly is symbolic of faith, as it beckons us to 'keep our faith' as we undergo transitions in our lives.

Heal It - Logo Design

Heal IT is an advanced wound healing clinic, which is a new venture in Dubai, UAE.

The client was looking for a Logo which looks subtle but at the same time gives the message of what service they provide. Hence the logo has been designed with a colour palette from the modern medical science that radiates optimism & energy and with the elements found in medical space.

The cross sign which is shown towards the left end in the letter H has been created to highlight the Medical Cross used in the health sector to identify medical staff, ambulances and emergency areas. The Cross signifies 'First Aid'.

And the next effort was to connect the alphabet L which comes in the name Heal IT to any organ from Human body. Hence the letter L was used to represent a human leg which was wrapped around with a bandage to symbolize wound & healing element.

In short, our attempt to bring a connection to the name 'Heal It' and the design was successful.

Health 24x7 - Logo Design

Branding Rationale: The Health 24X7 logo has been designed, keeping in the mind the most valuable entity in the organization's service chain - people!

This logo symbolizes the value Health 24X7 attributes to people and healthcare.The logo, taken as a whole, is an hourglass, which symbolizes time -- the most important factor in healthcare. It also signifies the 24X7 nature of comprehensive health monitoring services offered by Health 24X7.

On a closer look, you can see that the hour glass is made of four people, who stay connected. This signifies the huge network of healthcare professionals and also the clients or users of Health 24X7, who are in close ties with each other, facilitating immediate trans-national medical intervention and assistance for those who need it. Also, you can see two hearts that make up the top and bottom portions of the hourglass - these signify the excellent care and support Health 24X7 offers to its users/clients.


Aikya Solutions - Brand Identity

Oneness and Unity are two aspects that were taken into account for the logo of Aikya, a company that strives to engineer customers delight. The company is a platform for clients and employees to work together and bring dreams to realities. When the organisation, along with clients and employees unite together the goal is fulfilled, the logo of Aikya is formed. The logo is also shaped in the letter A, denoting Aikya.

Field EZ- Digital User Interface

Field EZ is an On-Demand mobile based solution that makes managing field sales or service teams very efficient and easy. This application ensures effective deployment of field personnel and empowers them to complete their activities and report the same through their mobiles.

The client gave us the responsibility of designing a Graphic user interface for this application. We made a design keeping the users(the field personnel) who would be looking for an application which is uncomplicated, easy to understand and to operate so that they could login, report and move on to the next scheduled task without any hassle.


Leeboy - Website

One of the largest Road Construction and Road Maintenance Equipment manufacturing company in the World. LeeBoy competes with companies like CAT and JCB. LeeBoy is a part of ST Engineering and has 3 production unit 3 different continents

LeeBoy wanted to revise their digital image and approached us to undertake the project of redesigning their website. The website we are currently designing will help them build a strong base digitally. The designs are being made, keeping their target audience in mind.

Information and Broadcasting

Dainik Bhaskar Group - Print Collaterals, In Store Design and more..

Dainik Bhaskar, India's largest newspaper publication group, wanted to regularise the right use of their brand image all over the country. Adams was handed over the project to design the brand manual, which lists down all the brand guidelines for them to implement immediately.